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Trending Artworks

CUBISM (1907-1922)


Co-pioneered by Braque and Picasso, the cubist movement challenged and changed the way of perceiving art in the 20th century. They abandoned previous notions of perspective and showed objects and figures from various angles, overlapping each other.

Whats New?

Universal Images Group Painting

Universal images group aggregates photographs, prints, lithographs, paintings, engravings, illustrations and video clips .

Gallery of the Month!


The tulip is a Eurasian and North African genus of perennial, bulbous plants in the lily family.

Why Mahatta Art?

India’s finest art collection and an online platform to personalize your own photos into wall art with a variety of printing surfaces and 200+ framing options delivered at your doorstep.


We have more than 5 Lacs artworks from archival museum collections and 17,000+ artworks from legendary and amateur artists contributing every month across the globe. Our content is divided into multiple categories- paintings, photography, illustrations and poster.

Our art collection consists of paintings & photography from legendary artists like Vincent Van gogh, Caude Monet, Paul Cezanne, etc. and museum collections like Flowerphotos, Bridgeman Images, Everett Universal, Danita, & many more. The content ranges from Abstracts to Nature, legendary to amateur artists, Modern art to Contemporary art, Humorous quotes to Motivational quotes, Hollywood Vintage posters and so on.

What we have for Art buyers?

  1. Licensed artworks
  2. Remove vendor hassles for art search, printing & framing services
  3. Cost & time efficient because of In house production
  4. 200+ framing options in synthetic & wooden frames
  5. Prints on Matte, Luster, Fine Art, Canvas, Translite, Vinyl & many more
  6. Art prints look 99.9% similar to the original artwork.
  7. Shelf life for artworks is more than 25 years
  8. Personalized art researcher team

Select the Art Piece And Get it Customized In Your Own Way For Framed Art Or Framed Canvas Or Art Prints.


Mahatta Art gives you a chance to transform your most loved photos into customized stylistic personalized photo frames, framed photo, canvas prints, photo prints and more.

As occasions never set beside, we give you a way to gift your most loving memories to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries and more occasions like this. Print, frame and gift your thoughtful ideas.

Customization can be done in 3 easy steps below:

  1. Upload pictures
  2. Customize framing
    Choose from the variety of different print surfaces like Matte, Luster, Fine Art, Canvas, Vinyl & many more and then frame it with 200+ framing options in synthetic & wooden frames
  3. Order and get it delivered at your door step

Contact us to customize your framing from Single photo frame to multiple set of photo frames, to Collage picture frame to Table photo frame and many more.
M: 8800639075


  • Framed art prints
  • Art prints
  • Framed Canvas
  • Photo framing
  • Table frames
  • Customized framing
  • Photo Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Multiple set of frames
  • Collage picture frame
  • Printing on any paper or canvas surfaces
  • Framing with any synthetic or wooden frames